All You Need is TIME!

Wishing you had a few more hours in your day to get things done? Us too! Between work, family, chores, activities and friends we're all moving in so many different directionsOrganizing everything is a full-time job, and since we often can't hire someone to oversee that task (wouldn't that be nice!) we can offer some helpful apps that can serve as your virtual personal assistant to help you better manage your time and schedule 

Google Now  

Google Now is often referred to as an "intelligent personal assistant." As is the case with many Google apps, it's extremely user-friendly, organizing all the information on to virtual cards that can be pulled up with a quick search. You can make a card for anything, and set your home screen to reflect your top priorities 


Want to make sure you never miss an event? 24me automatically generates reminders by combining and tracking your calendars, to-do lists and notes in one app to make sure everything is accounted for. It syncs with social media apps to help you stay on top of friends and family life events and share notes for personal or professional reasons, in one platform.  


If you're a list maker - here's your opportunity to put down the pen and move things online. You still get the joy of 'crossing things off your list' without having to worry about losing the piece of paper. From groceries lists to packing for your trip, Wunderlist helps combine productivity and organization in this app. You can also share your lists and have conversations with others, which helps delegate some of the tasks and to-do items to others.  

We would love to know which app was the right fit for you- let us know which one improved your organization! 

Happy Organizing,  

Jordan and Cheryl