Favorite Packing Tips

Looking to pack like a pro on your next getaway? Here are a few organizing tips to get you ready for your next trip.

 Tip #1: Follow a Packing Plan 

Just like your travel itinerary, make a packing itinerary. Writing down your list, gives you the opportunity to edit what you're taking before you empty out your closet. Lay everything out before you put it in the suitcase so you only need to pack once.  Don't forget to lay out your outfit for your car or plane ride the night before, and bring an extra change of clothes in your bag.  

Tip #2: Roll Instead of Fold 

It might surprise you, but the best way to fit all of your clothing is to roll each shirt instead of folding it. Lay it out flat to make sure it doesn't wrinkle, and then roll the shirt into a neat bundle. It saves room and reduces wrinkles. If you're really want to eliminate any wrinkles, put your clothing in plastic dry cleaner/ travel pouches to keep everything extra neat. 

Tip #3: Packing Products 

Whether you're a frequent or occasional traveler, packing cubes are an organizers' favorite tool for travel. You can divide toiletries, undergarments, clothing and accessories into smaller kits to organize your suitcase. They simplify the packing process and help maximize storage and minimize wrinkles. They come in all shapes, sizes and price points, so to decide which one is best for you, check out this YouTube link that breaks down the pros/cons of the different lines.  


We would love to hear how these tips worked for you. Send us packing pictures from your next trip.

Happy Organizing and Safe Travels! 

Jordan & Cheryl


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