Good things come out of school meetings, so it’s no surprise that’s where we met!  Not long after, we decided to combine our years of professional experience, with our passion for functional design and organization - and our company was born!

As organizational designers we have the opportunity to have a tremendous impact on how people function daily. We’re so grateful for all the positive comments on how we’ve improved their lives, it’s what drives us everyday!



Favorite Product: Dividers, dividers, dividers!!  In closet or kitchen drawers, pull-out pantries, office drawers, playrooms, etc, these adjustable, off the shelf or custom items come in so many sizes and materials to keep your items in place and organized.

Daily Do’s: Breakfast smoothies, try to cook dinner which sometimes bombs, a dollup of ice-cream.

Favorite Things: Weekend family time with my hubby and son, travel, pizza

Previous Biz Card: Used to restructure companies, now restructure homes. :) Global leader in organizational behavior and coaching, maximizing performance for Fortune 500 companies and executives;  Professor of Organizational Behavior and Biz Management.

Alma Mater: Doctorate in Human Development/Organizational Behavior – Columbia University, New York



Favorite Product: Acrylic everything! From shelf dividers to drawers to makeup organizers, I love the look of the acrylic products, as well as the functionality they provide- you can’t go wrong with these organizational faves.

Daily Do’s: Coffee, workout gear (for work!) and dark chocolate

Favorite Things: Making s’mores with my two daughters and hubby, summertime, family trips.

Previous Biz Card: Real Estate PR executive and NYC organizer.  Collaborated with some of the nation’s premier real estate professionals on many cutting-edge new residential properties throughout the country.

Alma Mater: Political Communications & Public Relations- University of Maryland, College Park