It’s the New Year- resolutions are set- and you’re committed to starting the year off on a strong note. Organizing is again topping your list, so to get you started here are a few helpful tips:  

Tip #1: Schedule an address book update: 

As you get ready to toss or store this year’s holiday cards, be sure to peruse them before discarding – they offer a wealth of information about friends and neighbors. It’s the perfect opportunity to update your contacts and include helpful reminders as family member names and ages. Change any incorrect addresses and you’ll be ahead of the game for next year’s holiday cards.  

Tip #2Be Charitable: 

If you’re struggling to part with still ‘useful’ items, even if you don’t actually need them, consider donating them to charity. Survey your clothing, toys and other items to determine what can be given to your favorite causesYou may not have the heart to throw it out, so donations insure your goods can help out those in need. Many charities provide convenient drop-off locations or schedule home pick-ups. You’ll feel great about cleaning up while also giving back to your local community.  

Tip #3Time to Trash: 

When things are no longer usable, even for charityperhaps they simply need to be trashed. If the process overwhelms you, the easiest place to start is by discarding items with expirations dates. Check your refrigerator, pantry and medicine cabinets and get the ball rolling by throwing out everything past the good-by date, and it will make it easier to transition on to the ‘tougher items.’ 

Following these simple steps is a great way to stick to your organizing resolution. Be sure to check in soon for additional tips on how to keep getting organized in 2016! 

 Happy Organizing,  

Jordan and Cheryl