Welcome to the IT’S ORGANIZED blog! We’re excited to keep you up-to-date on the newest organizing products and our favorite trends and tips. For those of you first learning about our company, here’s the abbreviated version (after all we’re all about streamlining!) For the longer version, check out the rest of our website, (or if you're viewing from another platform www.its-organized.com)

Simply put, we were born with the organizing gene.  We love to simplify and transform spaces.  IT’S ORGANIZED was created to help others get and STAY organized.  Using techniques and skills we acquired over our careers, we implement tailored organizing solutions to maximize the spaces in your home.

You ask, ‘That’s great, but how does it affect me?’ We could preach about the professional studies that show organization leads to greater happiness and success. Or you could sit back and think about that messy toy room or mountain of paperwork you plan on getting to ‘someday.’  That’s usually the same day you find yourself with an empty to-do list. And just like that, the daydream is over.

We understand ‘someday’ rarely happens. So that’s where we come in. Equipped with smart strategies and long-term solutions we get to turn your organizing challenges into accomplishments- and we promise to make it fun for you along the way!

So now you know a bit about us, we would love to learn more about you. What are some of your biggest organizing challenges? We promise to blog about them and provide useful tips, so write in!

Before we sign-off, we’ll leave you with two quick & easy organizing tips:

#1 Double-Duty Dresser:

Dressers are hard for kids to see their clothes, and more importantly keep organized. If you have the closet space, try arranging the majority of their clothes in the closet and then use the lower dresser drawers for toys. You can compartmentalize each drawer for certain toys. It helps make clean-up easier, and allows them to select their clothes without unfolding all the clothes in the drawers.

#2 Party Time

Don’t have room for an entire gift-wrapping area to keep up with all of the birthday and holiday wrapping supplies– utilize hanging bars in a closet to keep things in place. Bags (with extra gift bags inside) will store nicely on hangers. Add a hanging shoe organizer to store wrapping material- scissors, tags and ribbons will fit neatly in the compartments.

Happy Organizing!

Cheryl and Jordan