It's Cold Outside...

Get your garage ready for winter!

Tips to organize your garage TO PARK your cars During the winter months. 

With winter right around the corner, it’s a great time for those who are located in colder climates to start tackling the garage projects – so we can park our cars inside again.  

Garages are often overwhelming and easy to put it off.  So instead of delaying, why not consider these few different solutions to get you ready for winter.  

First, get out what you don't need now. Summer gear doesn’t need to permanently live in the garage, especially if it's occupying floor space.  Pack it up for the winter and store it in your attic or basement if you have the room.  

If there is no space inside your home, think about adding overhead storage in the garage. It's the perfect solution for items that you only use for particular seasons, and less costly than an entire garage solution 


Don’t forget about the walls!  Add shelving and hook systems to clear the floor, and get as many items on to the wall as possible. Think you have too many items for just the hooks? It's probably a good time to consider a more complete slat wall garage system to create the right space for all your stuff. 


Tackling these projects will ensure you’re not freezing outside during that first snow storm!